1. Q: I’m an alumni of the One Fine Day Films & Some Fine Day Pix Workshops. Am I entitled to participate again in the SOME FINE DAY Pix program? 

A: Yes, we are looking forward to many familiar faces! However, recipients of the SOME FINE DAY Pix production grand (aka members of the “winning teams”) are ineligible to apply for the same department they previously led within their film team.

2. Q: Is this program for Kenyans only?

A: The Masterclasses are designed for participants of Kenyan citizenship and permanent residency only. The webinars are open for registration to film enthusiasts from all over East Africa.

3. Q: Where can I apply for the masterclasses?

A: Find and follow us on Instagram (@somefinedaypix) for announcements of new openings. The application form for each Masterclass will be shared on this website under MAKING.

7. Q: Is there a participation fee for your events? 

A: All events of the Some Fine Day Pix Program are free of charge, in return full and active participation and attendance is expected.  

8. Q: Which departments are you training?

A: We are training Scriptwriters, Directors, Producers, Cinematographers & Editors.

9. Q: How much time does participation take per week? 

A: Expect to clear your schedule for weekly meetings of about 4 hours. The exact timing of the appointments will be arranged in accordance with your mentor(s). You will be requested to do homework between the sessions. Before and after the Teaming-up process you will need to make yourself available for occasional personal and digital meetings.

10. Q: Where do the meetings take place? 

A: The meetings are happening online & offline in Nairobi.

11. Q: Can I apply for more than one department within the MAKING program? 

A: You can apply for more than one department, but you can not participate in more than one masterclass the same year. 

12. Q: How does the team building work?

A: Scriptwriters apply with a short film idea they want to develop further. After some time they are introduced to the directing, producing, camera & editing participants. Those five departments are then encouraged to form one team per project to develop the short films further until the pitch.

13. Q: What happens if I don’t find a team to join?

A: Some Fine Day Pix initiates, moderates and accompanies the team building process. However the administrational team is not responsible for its successfull outcome. Participating in the Some Fine Day Pix workshops does not guarantee a participation in the pitch. This means, only teams which find themselves organically will make it to the final step of the program. Please note, dealing with demanding situations and challenging team dynamics is part of the training process.

14. Q: Who can pitch? 

A: Only film teams out of the Some Fine Day Pix program are eligible to pitch. The pitching team members must have attended the scriptwriting, directing, producing, cinematography & editing class.

15. Q: Is Some Fine Day Pix producing the short film? 

A: No, you and your team are the maker and owner of your film. Which means you and your team take on full responsibility for every step of production until timely completion of your short film project.   

16. Q: is there an approximate timeline? 

A: Yes, once all five departments have been selected, you will be attending your masterclasses for a total of 9 month until the pitch. The teaming-up process begins about four month after the program starts, leaving you five month to work on your project together until the pitch. After the pitch you will have to go into production of your short film immediately.

17. Q: Is there a deadline for the completion of the short film? 

A: Yes, following your successful pitch you have 8 month to complete your short film. 

18. Q: Is the production grant tied to conditions?

A: The grant will be paid out in instalments, which you need to account for before you receive the next tranche. The financial support is tied to the production of the short film and will have to be spent under the guidelines of the German public procurement law. The selected teams will receive a comprehensive instruction of these guidelines.  

19. Q: My film – My rights? 

A: Yes! Some Fine Day Pix holds no rights on your short film. Your film, your rights, your responsibility.  

20. Q: Is Some Fine Day Pix involved in the distribution of the short film? 

A: There will be interesting webinars on the topics of festivals, distribution and sales. However it’s your pleasure to take your short film out to the world. Obviously we are only a phone call away and happy to support you if you wish so.  

21. Q: I’m an actor – can I star in your films? 

A: Some Fine Day Pix is not a production company but a training initiative. We are not conducting any castings, because we are not producing any films. But we will make sure to share announcements of casting calls on our Social Media when they come to our attention.