1. Q: I’m an alumni of the One Fine Day Films Workshops. Am I entitled to participate in the Some Fine Day Pix program? 

A: Yes, we are looking forward to many familiar faces! 

2. Q: What is the difference about LEARNING, MAKING and TALKING? 

A: LEARNING is a webinar series, MAKING a mentorship program and TALKING a podcast.

3. Q: Is this program for Kenyans only?

A: The MAKING segment is designed for participants of Kenyan citizenship and permanent residency. However the LEARNING webinars can be attend by film enthusiasts from all over East Africa. And the podcast is aimed for audiences worldwide!  

4. Q: Where do the LEARNING webinars take place? 

A: To attend the webinars you must register an account with ATINGI and fill in the registration form, which is linked on our website. You will then be enrolled by our team. Please visit our LEARNING page for further information.

5. Q: The LEARNING webinars are happening live on ATINGI. Does this mean there won’t be a recording provided afterwards? 

A: Yes,  the webinars are designed to be live sessions. So always keep an eye out for our next events by following our Social Media channels and clear your schedule accordingly.  

6. Q: Is there a participation fee for your events? 

A: All events of the Some Fine Day Pix Program are free of charge, in return full participation and attendance is expected.  

7. Q: Which departments are you training within the MAKING program? 

A: We are training Scriptwriters, Directors, Producers, Cinematographers, Editors, Production Designers, Assistant Directors, Costume Designers, Location Manager, Film Musicians and Accountants. 

8. Q: How much time does participation in the MAKING program take per week? 

A: Expect to clear your schedule for weekly meetings of about 4 hours. The exact timing of the appointments will be arranged in accordance with your mentor(s).   

9. Q: Where do the MAKING meetings take place? 

A: We will set up a course room for each department on ATINGI. 

10. Q: Can I apply for more than one department within the MAKING program? 

A: You can apply for more than one department, but you can not participate in more than one training at the same time. 

11. Q: Is Some Fine Day Pix producing the short film? 

A: No, you and your team are the maker and owner of your film. Which means you and your team take on full responsibility for every step of production until timely completion of your short film project.   

12. Q: Is there a deadline for the completion of the short film? 

A: Yes, following your successful pitch you have 7 month to complete your short film. 

13. Q: Is the production grant of 2 million KSH tied to conditions?

A: The grant will be paid out in instalments, which you need to account for before you receive the next tranche. The financial support is tied to the production of the short film and will have to be spent under the guidelines of the German public procurement law. The selected teams will receive a comprehensive instruction of these guidelines.  

14. Q: My film – My rights? 

A: Yes! Some Fine Day Pix hold no rights on your short film. Your film, your rights, your responsibility.  

15. Q: Is Some Fine Day Pix involved in the distribution of the short film? 

A: There will be interesting webinars on the topics of festivals, distribution and sales. However it’s your pleasure to take your short film out to the world. Obviously we are only a phone call away and happy to support you if you wish so.