LEARNING - a Live Webinar Series

Live Webinars for Filmmakers from East Africa

The Live Webinars

LEARNING is an interactive live webinar series for East African film practitioners and aspiring filmmakers interested in the industry. It’s a series of talks on current topics of filmmaking, to expand existing knowledge and get inspired in the daily work life.  

Professionals representing all roles within the industry run live streaming panels that are free of charge and exclusively available to filmmakers from East Africa. 

How to Register for the Live Webinars?

Just follow these easy steps to take part in the webinars:

  1. Register for the webinar via the “Register Now” button next to the event of your interest.
  2. Once you have registered, you will recieve an E-mail with the link to the webinar on Zoom.
  3. Take out a red pen and your calendar and scribble the date down right away!
  4. To make sure you don’t miss it we will send you a reminder one day before the event to the E-mail address you have used for your registration.
  5. In case you experience any difficulties, feel free to contact us at learning@somefinedaypix.org

  • Fix It In Post! A Webinar Series

    | 29.Jun 2022 — 11:00 EAT | duration: 2 | Speaker: APO, Decimal Media, Keyframe & Hiventy Africa

    This June it’s all about Post Production at Some Fine Day Pix! Together with our friends at Africa Post Office, Keyframe, Decimal Studios & Hiventy Africa we have something very special planned: a series of live webinars dedicated to everything you'll ever need and want to know about Post Production: 1) June 2nd: Workflow & Post Production Supervision, 2) June 8th: Editing, 3) June 15th: Sound Design, 4) June 22nd: VFX & Color Grading and 5) June 29th: Deliveries. So, get your calendars out right away and safe these dates!

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  • Long Life Of A Short Film

    | 01.Jul 2022 — 11:00 EAT | duration: 1,5 hrs | Speaker: François Morisset & Rosh Khodabakhsh

    François Morisset is a French producer and sales agent. Over the last ten years, he has worked simultaneously for several feature film distribution and sales companies whilst leading his short-film company Salaud Morisset, one of the most prestigious and biggest short-film companies in the world. In conversation with DCM producer Rosh Khodabakhsh we will explore the world of independent Short Film distribution and establish how to give a long life to your Short Film.

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