LEARNING - a Live Webinar Series

Live Webinars for Filmmakers from East Africa

The Live Webinars

LEARNING is an interactive live webinar series for East African film practitioners and aspiring filmmakers interested in the industry. It’s a series of talks on current topics of filmmaking, to expand existing knowledge and get inspired in the daily work life.  

Professionals representing all roles within the industry run live streaming panels that are free of charge and exclusively available to filmmakers from East Africa. 


The live sessions are hosted on ATINGI, an interdisciplinary E-Learning platform initiated and operated by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

How to Register for the Live Webinars?

Just follow these easy steps to take part in the webinars:

  1. Register for the webinar via the “Register Now” button next to the event of your interest.

2. To attend the session, you must register an account with ATINGI first. Please use the same E-Mail address you have shared with us in the registration form.

3. Allow our team 24 hours to enroll you into the webinar on ATINGI.

If you have already participated in one of our LEARNING film webinars, you can skip this step. You are already registered in the system.

4. Once you have been enrolled to the webinar by one of our team members you find the webinar listed under “My Courses” on your ATINGI landing page or you follow this link: Some Fine Day Pix LEARNING Webinar

5. In case you experience any difficulties, feel free to contact us at learning@somefinedaypix.org

How to Access the Live Webinars?

1. Find the webinar on your ATINGI landing page listed under “My Courses” or follow this link: Some Fine Day Pix LEARNING Webinar

2. Click on “JOIN WEBINAR”

3. Click on “JOIN SESSION”.

4. The conference opens up in a new browser tab. Please access the conference with your camera and microphone switched on, but mute yourself to avoid background noise for others.

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  • IP & Rights in Film

    | 27.May 2021 — 11:00 EAT | duration: 2hrs | Speaker: Angela Mukora

    Always wanted to know which rights YOU generate by writing a script, acting in a film or directing a TV series? Were you wondering whether you had collected all the relevant rights as a producer to distribute your film? Familiar with the thought "I know how to read it script but what on earth do I reply to this contract draft?" Are you an aspiring or established filmmaker in East Africa? Then this webinar is exactly the right place to be! Angela Mukora, Associate at Nairobi-based Bowmans law, will give an overview of which rights are relevant in the film industry and share her experience in the daily jungle of IP and media.

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  • Talent Agent

    | 11.Jun 2021 — 19:00 EAT | duration: 2hrs | Speaker: Milan Agarwal

    It´s all about talent, talent, talent! I´m a talent - what now? Why don´t I have representation? Where do I find representation? Talent Agent & then jobs forever (?): Let's shed some light on expectations & reality! Milan Agarwal is an executive at Tulsea, a strategic media and content management company which represents and advises various entities, including leading creative talent, production companies, and gaming, animation, and media startups.

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  • Financing & Marketing Short Film

    | 02.Jul 2021 — 12:00 EAT | duration: 2h | Speaker: Amos Geva

    The title says it all ... What possibilities are out there for East African filmmakers to finance their short film project and how does one take it to market once the film is completed? The motto of this live webinar is From Script to Screen to Market! Our guest is Amos Geva, International Manager at T-Port, the first online market for student and short films. He will illustrate tricks and pitfalls of financing and marketing independent short films during a case study of an internationally successful short film.

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  • Film Music & Composing

    | 21.Sep 2021 — 15:00 EAT | duration: 2hrs | Speaker: Zethu Mashika

    "I wanted to be famous & then I became a film composer..." Zethu Mashika is a Film Score Composer based in Johannesburg South Africa. With SAFTA Nominations (2013, 2016) and African Movie Academy Award Nomination (2016) for Best Original Score (Feature Film). Zethu Carries 10 years experience in composing for film and 16 years Producing music overall. Mashika was born and Raised in Benoni, a small town in the East of Johannesburg. He is the founder and sole owner of Control and Command Studios.

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  • Get Your Film Out There – New opportunities for filmmakers!

    | 18.Nov 2021 — 19:00 EAT | duration: 2hrs | Speaker: Tanner Stechnij

    This upcoming webinar Tanner Stechnij from Festival Scope Pro joins us from New York City. In dialogue with Nairobi-based Wangeci Murage of Media Pros, Tanner will speak about new opportunities in distribution, programming, sales and beyond.

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  • Short Films – Long Careers

    | 02.Dec 2021 — 19:00 EAT | duration: 2h | Speaker: Martin Desmond Roe

    Get ready for our end of year special: Short films - Long careers! Emmy and Academy award winning director, writer and producer Martin Desmond Roe will join us all the way from Los Angeles! Apart from making kick-ass feature films and documentaries he is also the director of the creative studio Dirty Robber. Join us and Martin on December 2nd and hear about his exceptional career which peeked in 2020, when his and Travon Frees short film Two Distant Strangers won an Oscar as best live action short film.

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