Explore here the short films that have received funding and mentorship from SOME FINE DAY Pix. Each of these narratives has been meticulously crafted, from initial development to successful independent production, by the film teams that underwent SOME FINE DAY Pix training.

Act Of Love

Director: Eric Mwangi
Producer: Shirleen Wangari
Writer: Shelly Gitonga
After losing her job at a restaurant, Juliana downsizes to a one- roomed house in an informal neighborhood in Nairobi. Her luck turns when she is shortlisted as a finalist by a top accounting firm. On this day, the interview is at 11:00 am. The landlord, Mr. Mutisya, gives her a final notice to pay her rent areas the same morning. Her neighbor, Mama Mukami, who has promised to watch her 2-month baby, has a campaign engagement for the local politician. Sister Magdalene, despite being sympathetic to Juliana cannot allow her to leave the baby at the church due to a 'pandemic' of mothers abandoning their children in the compound. Undeterred, Juliana beats the clock and makes it for the interview, her fussy baby in her arms. Asequence of events triggered by her baby's cries make her lose her promising interview. Broken, frustrated, holding onto sanity a thread, she questions her love for her baby.

Grogan’s Lodge

Director: Isaya Evans
Producer: Densu Moseti
Writer: Shaleen Keshavjee
Grogan’s Lodge is about two young Kenyan girls, JOY and SUSAN, who travel to an up- country lodge in response to a job advert, to earn fees for college. The lodge appears to be deserted and derelict, but MRS. BIRD, the sinister housekeeper, assures them that there will be work. The girls are intrigued by the sepia photos that show the lodge in its heyday of hedonistic pursuits. That night Susan goes to explore and Mrs Bird gets her ready for what she calls “The Party”. The lodge, now mysteriously restored to magnificent condition, is filled with fancy guests and uniformed staff from the Colonial Era.


Director: Barbara Minishi
Producer: Ivy Kiru
Writer: Ngwatilo Mawiyoo
Kavaa has travelled upcountry to bury her grandfather who disowned her when she was born out of wedlock 22 years earlier. At that awkward family reunion, Kavaa finds acceptance with the village madman, who catapults her into a liminal realm, where she can face-off with her grandfather and rise above his rejection to find new self-esteem.


Director: Mark Wambui
Producer: Ivy Kiru
Writer: Wanjohi Ian
It’s a tense reunion when Kazungu meets his father for the first time after 8 years, when he returns home for his mother’s funeral. When his father informs him that he will set out to catch a rare fish that was sighted by the local fishermen, Kazungu is indifferent, until he comes across an old photo of him and his father, 12 years earlier, a big catch at their feet. They look happy. He joins his father the next day and while at sea, the tension between them gives way to encounters that cause them to confront the reasons behind their strained relationship. Eventually, they encounter the rare fish they set out to hunt, but now with a greater awareness about what it represents for them and their relationship.


Director: Omar Hamza
Producer: Margaret Wacera
Writer: Bill Afwani
For an asthmatic boy who recently moved to an island city from the up-country, Kisu's worst fear is drowning and so he always dreams of it. He wants to face his fear by learning how to swim. However, his overprotective Aunty is skeptical and won't allow him to mingle with the Swahili boys at the beach. Feeling left out and in need of a bit of freedom and new friendship, Kisu meets the 'Jimbo Boys', a group of skilled Swahili swimmers led by Bakuli. He defies his aunt and approaches them with the hope of joining the gang and learning how to swim. He is at first turned down, dejected. Kisu must prove his courage and loyalty to the gang before he is accepted. Bakuli tailors Kisu's initiation test; a planned heist at a local Candy shop. The mission sets Kisu on the adventure of a lifetime filled with friendship, betrayal, and self-discovery.


Director: Tevin Kimathi & Millan Tarus
Producer: Juliana Kabua
Writer: Millan Tarus
Bruce Koech, a lone ranger with the heart of a warrior, accepts a mission from his imaginary Sensei - to be a badass hero. In school, Koech is forced to wear the disk - an ugly bone after speaking Kiswahili contrary to the school’s language policy. The rest of the day becomes a long, walk of shame for Koech. He faces ridicule with every corner he turns. Sensei pushes him to remove the disk and protect his honor. At the height of his humiliation, Koech removes the disk, landing into trouble with the Headmaster. At the Headmaster's office, Koech is caned. He musters all his strength to endure the pain and protect his honor but falls short -  the pain is too much. He yields to the pain and wears the disk. He leaves the office one step shy of becoming a badass hero.