Independent Film Distribution Lab 2024

We are moving to the next level of collaboration with the film industries in Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria and Germany. This first of its kind call invites for ideas, works in progress and collaborative projects that foster film distribution, audience development and social impact producing in the context of the above-mentioned countries. Paying heed to an industry call for backing for independent films beyond production and post-production by ensuring authentic stories and narratives travel limitlessly across countries and around continents.

The Moving Pictures Incubator, implemented by Some Fine Day Pix, is one of four interventions under the Moving Pictures project financed by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. The project that will run until November 2025 aims to ensure African narratives, especially on sustainability issues, reach wider audiences through better and more effective regional and international distribution of independent films.

Application for the Incubator is open from 5th July 2024 to 30th July 2024. Successful applicants will go through a five-month intensive program that connects distribution, audience development and social impact professionals from Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Germany. The focus being on incubating ideas which enhance the exhibition, reach and impact of films from the three African countries that have distinct transformative power strongly linked to the diverse cultures they portray. Films that change narratives and challenge stereotypes where and when they find an audience.

This call directly invites networks and collaborative initiatives among independent film producers, social impact producers, sales agents, film distributors, film aggregators, film exhibitors, film marketers, PR platforms and film industry practitioners with a keen interest in distribution.

Participants will have the opportunity to connect, exchange knowledge, and co-create projects with the support of process management experts leading to coaching, mentorship, pitching and seed funding for innovative, multi-lateral and bilateral approaches to social impact, audience cultivation, distribution, data analysis, marketing, and business models.