Welcome to SOME FINE DAY Pix!  

SOME FINE DAY Pix is a hub where exceptional Kenyan filmmakers meet, hone their skills, team-up across departments and eventually produce their own short film, which will also serve as an episode of an anthology series! That’s it in a nut shell.

The masterclasses are supplemented by hands-on webinars covering current industry topics, enriching daily work routines.

Our core activities are conveyed in three sections


… is a webinar series for filmmakers from East Africa on current topics of the film industry. Expand existing knowledge and get inspired in the daily work life!


… offers exclusive mentorship for Kenyan filmmakers. Selected participants will have the opportunity to receive tuition, funding and produce their own short film. Apply now!

Moving Pictures

... the MOVING PICTURES incubator is a six-month intensive program that connects distribution and social impact professionals from Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Germany.

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