Welcome to SOME FINE DAY Pix!  

SOME FINE DAY Pix is a hub where exceptional Kenyan filmmakers meet, hone their skills, team-up across departments and eventually produce their own short film, which will also serve as an episode of an anthology series! That’s it in a nut shell.

The masterclasses are supplemented by hands-on webinars covering current industry topics, enriching daily work routines.

Our core activities are conveyed in three sections


… is a webinar series for filmmakers from East Africa on current topics of the film industry. Expand existing knowledge and get inspired in the daily work life!


… offers exclusive mentorship for Kenyan filmmakers. Selected participants will have the opportunity to receive tuition, funding and produce their own short film. Apply now!


… is a podcast series, that brings filmmakers and artists from across the globe together to talk about their unique and shared experiences. Tune in!

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